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someone not only blessed with ugliness, but also so annoying that just calling them a cunt is meaningless.
Pope Clement XII " Where the fuck is my septre"
Salieri " Most Excellent, that pig cunt must of moved it when she was cleaning your room"
by OMO Boner April 27, 2007
60 7
used to describe a large, dimwitted and somewhat preposterous individual with a rotten and filthy mancunt, known more commonly as 'the pigcunt'.
''P.I.G.C.U.N.T - stinks of shit and Radhuny'' (lyrics sung concurrently with the 1967 hit 'Respect' by Aretha Franklin.

Screamed belligerently at a house when passing in a getaway vehicle ''you fucking pigcunt!!!!''.

Customary with putting someone or something down, i.e ''Gareth I put you name in my phone as pigcunt, sorry Ga but that cant change''.

Leek we had this friend and his nickname was pigcunt.
by Citymeister General July 21, 2011
6 1
used to describe a woman, usually blond, ideally scandinavian, who thinks she is super-attractive, but is totally Valkyrie-esque; and looks like she has a vagina like that of a pig.
"Sophie Ellis Bextor should sack her stylist on her new video - she looks ugly and fat."
"Yeah dude, she's a real pigcunt."
by sophie ellis bextor October 17, 2003
5 19