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To continue eating in excess until one can't move or feels sick.
Jodrey loved to go to Baja Fresh and pig out until his buddies had to carry him out.
by BP May 20, 2004
Used to describe when an area has 2 or more cops on patrol.
Guy 1: Are we almost at his house?

Guy 2: Yea man we're like 3 minutes away his shit is always pure.

Guy 1: There goes a cop.

Guy 2: Wow another fucking cop.

Guy 1: lets go buy those kilos somewhere else, this place is a pig out.
by My Purple Kush Is Dank August 26, 2011
Overeat; indulge in gluttony.
Went to the garlic festival and pigged out. Vampires beware!
by Octopod November 06, 2003
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