a.k.a. Scott Adams.
The ULTIMATE townie. A pathetic 'tracksuit wearing' retard, who resembles that of a pig and a monkey combined. For some unknown reason, townie females seem to adore this particular feature belonging to pig monkey, although the non-retarded among you will clearly see that he is nothing but a PIGMONKEY! (uk only!)
Pig Monkey: *townie mumbo-jumbo* You'z ladyz iz so fit innit? You'z iz a fine piece'o'work Innit? Innit? Innit?
female townies: Awww! He'z sooo fit... oh maaah gawd! Innit? Innit? Innit?
Normal people: Erm, yeah... we'll just be leaving now. *All leave promptly before townie mating frenzy begins*
by The Paradiddle Pro July 12, 2004
Top Definition
Pig Monkey is the alias of a Hacker-Anarchist-Shaman from somewhere along the Western coast of the United States.
Pig Monkey is one 1337 guy.
by Shadow Man July 28, 2006
That Brenden guy.
See also stalker.
"Look, look, it's the pig monkey.."
"Who? Which one?"
"The one with the nose."
by Sabishii211 March 26, 2004
there really is a monkey/pig.
check it out.


copy and paste, homie
as in: there really is a mothafukkin pig monkey.
by adammcbomb July 25, 2008
See also human
The true animal in which the mutated species known as "human beings" are descended from. It's most prominent features include utter stupidity and or ignorance, a craving for red meat, and a need for constant warfare or battle. Famous pig monkeys include Chuck Norris, and Bruce Campbell.
Pat Condell is not an excellent example of a pig monkey.
by Mia'q The Liar May 13, 2008
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