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See also human
The true animal in which the mutated species known as "human beings" are descended from. It's most prominent features include utter stupidity and or ignorance, a craving for red meat, and a need for constant warfare or battle. Famous pig monkeys include Chuck Norris, and Bruce Campbell.
Pat Condell is not an excellent example of a pig monkey.
by Mia'q The Liar May 13, 2008
11 25
Pig Monkey is the alias of a Hacker-Anarchist-Shaman from somewhere along the Western coast of the United States.
Pig Monkey is one 1337 guy.
by Shadow Man July 28, 2006
20 6
a.k.a. Scott Adams.
The ULTIMATE townie. A pathetic 'tracksuit wearing' retard, who resembles that of a pig and a monkey combined. For some unknown reason, townie females seem to adore this particular feature belonging to pig monkey, although the non-retarded among you will clearly see that he is nothing but a PIGMONKEY! (uk only!)
Pig Monkey: *townie mumbo-jumbo* You'z ladyz iz so fit innit? You'z iz a fine piece'o'work Innit? Innit? Innit?
female townies: Awww! He'z sooo fit... oh maaah gawd! Innit? Innit? Innit?
Normal people: Erm, yeah... we'll just be leaving now. *All leave promptly before townie mating frenzy begins*
by The Paradiddle Pro July 12, 2004
8 9
there really is a monkey/pig.
check it out.


copy and paste, homie
as in: there really is a mothafukkin pig monkey.
by adammcbomb July 25, 2008
2 4
That Brenden guy.
See also stalker.
"Look, look, it's the pig monkey.."
"Who? Which one?"
"The one with the nose."
by Sabishii211 March 26, 2004
4 6