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i pie thats better than pie!
piepie piepie piepie is sooooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooooooooood
by Blade the Hedgehog June 21, 2006
The art of whining, complaining, and bitching while completely annoying you (or others) at the same time.
Why the heck does Shawn have to pie-pie like that when him and his woman get in a fight??

All day Kayla was a big pie-pie when she didn't get her way at work.

by Bella Von Betch March 13, 2009
A pie within a pie. The inner pie is the same circumference as the outer pie. They're usually hairless. If you're lucky.
thanks for the hairless pie-pie!
by Kattoodle September 17, 2007
a nicer way to say vagina--like "vajayjay."
John: I heard that Beth has some really good piepie.
by KimKaH November 30, 2008
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