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A form of public political disagreement, throwing pies at a speaker.

Ralph Nader, Bill Gates, Bill Kristol and numerous others have been pied by people protesting them.

Videos can be found on Youtube, if you want to see them.
by prettybored4 December 24, 2008
21 26
1. The act of ignoring someone when they are talking to you

2. Not returning a high five
Wow that guy totally pied you!
by Blondishkathy May 09, 2008
109 43
When you try to make your presence known to someone by waving or nodding, the the recipient either ignores or does not realise. You have just been pied. This is the perfect time for a friend to suggest that you wipe your face, because it's covered in pie.
Two people passing one another,

"hey man how's it..." as the other person didn't realise and looked the other way; he has accidentally pied his friend/colleague.
by BEARMANTOOTH December 15, 2010
33 22
When someone has been dropped from some kind of team,squad or association.
Oliver: "Lets have a look at the football squad"
Jim: "Haha,oliver has been pie'd"
by Carlo Rocco February 16, 2008
12 6
To be cracked on; To get owned
Girl 1: -Shhhhhhh- The teacher is teaching!!
Boy 1: Damn girl thats a lot of spit
Girl 1: What?!?!
Boy 2: Damn.. You just got pied
by SmexxiRawrr May 04, 2010
13 8
Meaning, just "owned" someone at something...

Defeated or beaten them in a game, spelling competition whatever...
n00b just got pied...
by BlackRider June 16, 2004
66 62
Derivative of the word cowpie, a polite way to say, "shit"
Ex. "OMG, when the plane lost altitude I about pied."

Ex. "She about pied all over herself when the Publisher's Clearinghouse Van rolled up."
by Ms. Donut January 18, 2010
36 34
short form of "pie-eyed" to be stoned or intoxicated.
"man this bong has me totally pied, pass the visine"
by Vancity604 December 15, 2007
15 18