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He who seeks pies and rides motorbikes. One cannot simply decide to BE a pie-rat; there are rituals to be performed and only other pie-rats can tell you if, and when, you have become a pie-rat.
'Slime looked at the grey skies and knew that today was a day for a pie. He started his Harley and headed south. Yes, the journey would be long, cold and not a little dangerous but there was a pie to be eaten and it had to be done. He is a Pie-Rat and it is the law'.
by W Davidson June 02, 2006
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"I'm so clever, I made a screen name that is pie rat but NO ONE KNOWS THAT IT SAYS 'PIRATE' "
by pie rat June 22, 2003
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Someone who scrounges creatively for food and other resources
Can also be used as a verb
I had to pierat for food last night, but I managed to make a three course meal out of leftovers and dumpster diving!
by isoprophyl-melonballer December 25, 2016
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