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Part of the dumb "pie-cost" joke.
Joker: Too bad we don't have a pie-cost.

Victim: What's a pie-cost?

Joker: Oh, about six bucks ... (rim-shot)

(also, same joke, using "hen-way" (oh, about 3 pounds ...)
by JerseyJohn August 17, 2007
Enemy of a cat, fights with cat, costs average of £1 at bakery, curmudgeon from the broch, acidic breath
The cat and the piecost were fighting, "whats a piecost???"................badoom pshhhhh
by Anonymous all day long April 14, 2008
Acts like "dick4, butt4, assfer, ass4, penis4, cranfer, cran4, henway, etc."
Example 1

Pat: You're a poopyhead!
Me: Shutup you piecost!!!
Pat: Whats a piecost?
Me: 'Bout $3.50

Example 2

Mom: I'm going to the grocery store. What do you want me to get you?
ME: Get me some bread, milk, chips, henway, and some cookies.
Mom: What's a henway?
Me: 'Bout 5 pounds.
by Brendan August 31, 2004
adjective used to describe something cheap and of poor quality. Worth about $1.20 (the cost of a pie). This term is only used by Maori and Polynesians in Auckland.
Nesian: F*** bro, those shoes are pie-cost bro. Don't yous get enough Dole money to buy shoes?
Maori: Nah bro I racks them eh!
by HOB October 06, 2004
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