To shove someone forcefully, but by the face as opposed to the chest or shoulders. Derived from the cartoon action of smashing a pie in someone's face.
He tried to grab my hat so I pie faced him.
by Dudeness September 05, 2005
Top Definition
A term often heard in movies from the 1930's, 40's, and 50's, a "pie face" is an extraordinarily pretty girl.
Rosalind Russell to Cary Grant in "His Girl Friday": "You wouldn't have hired me if I wasn't pie-faced."

She's a pie face.

What a pie-faced babe.

Who's the pie face?
by Great Sage Equaling Heaven January 02, 2009
The name given to the facial area of a person who has an abnormally large and round face. As implied in the name, the circular face will resemble a pie, or a perfect circle drawn carefully with a compass in maths. A person with a pie face is likely to be mocked incessantly by 'friends', and subsequently may find it hard to talk to people without them thinking they are talking to a floating pastry.
'Good heavens, have you seen how round Emma's face is?!'
'Yeah, massive pie face.'
by suckmahdick101 March 25, 2010
A derogatory term for Asians, for their lack of a facial profile (flat-faced) but accounting for obvious raised facial features (nose, lips).
A banana cream pie held up flat face pie-face pie face
by yeahthatswhy February 12, 2010
For guys: when you are jerking off on your back and your ejaculation hits you in the face.
Hey thanks for the naked pic, I came so hard I gave myself a pie face!
by nchris April 18, 2015
To take ones hand and push another person's face.

An open hand, covering another perons face like you threw a pie at them.
Mark was being a jerk, so I piefaced him and he fell to his knees.
by Dean November 12, 2004
usually a term associated with asian people. but is actually supposed to be used with Alaskan people.
I'm in the mood for some pie face food
by Pimpster McSpankable January 21, 2003
PieFace: A girl on Nonoba who is really outgoing and sexy. She has great taste in music as well. She is nice to almost everyone and if she seems like she hates you, she probably doesn't. Her favourite game on Nonoba would be Fridge Magnets. On the chats there, she usually says to whoever comes in the room, "I love you." Or a heart. I think PieFace_ is a funny person and is awesome. She owns me. PieFace isn't a noob either, she's been around for more than over a year on Nonoba. Lastly, she is just very...Hot..
Person1: "Hey you know that one chick on Nonoba. The really funny and hawt one. The one who says I love you all the time?"

Person2: "Oh! Haha, PieFace_? Yeah, I know her. She awesome!"

Person1: "I know right?"
by FreddieMercury#1 July 11, 2011

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