a Kilo of coke
20g fo' that pie
by Bo February 27, 2004
Used in awkward situations for comic relief!
Example 1
Mother- "Honey, today is your doctors appointment. Don't forget to ask for an STD panel!"
Daughter-"I like pie!!"
Example 2
(A waiter brings over some food and you pass gas)
Blind date-"Oh Gosh, this food reaks as if someone farted!"
You-"I like pie!"
by whore_with_boobs March 25, 2009
soft ; scared ; scary
u dont wanna fite him? aw man u pie.
by bobgregfredjimmy February 07, 2009
Used to describe something of pure epicness.
DragonForce is some serious pie.
by $lim $hady October 18, 2008
P.I.E is an acronym for Pimping Isn't Easy.
I noticed he had P.I.E in his name on myspace, doesn't it mean Pimping isn't easy?
by Airie Summers January 05, 2008
A random word that if shouted in a lesson or used as an answer can make everyone laugh, a word used for an answer to any question as it can be translated into anything, someone who is random but funny
hahah! You are a pie, i am a pie, we are all pies
by lawrence tate November 16, 2005
Another name for the female genitals. Used mainly for a larger or puffy genital region.
Oh dude! Look at the pie on her!
by Adam Harigast February 02, 2005
a ki of coke(cocaine)
let me get a pie
by PaRaDoX February 05, 2004

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