Shit. A person who is so disgusting that they literally deserve to die. Piders are the scum of the earth.

Common characteristics:

dirty faces. inbreeding. fat, cellulite covered women. at least 11 or more cars in there yard. probably 10 or more cats that just keep having sex and having more retard cats, much like the pider's themselves.

to shorten up. white trash.

mostly used as a derogatory term.
John: Dude, your hair is greasy as hell.

Dave: Yeah I know I havent been able to take a shower for a couple of days.

John: Sick, you Pider!
by ojpimpjuice69 April 08, 2009
Top Definition
pider is russian (or any of post soviet country's) for fagot
ta pa6ol ti, pider
fuck you, fagot!!
by allmyghty ChegY August 17, 2006
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