One who craves pickles
E is a pickleweasel!
by RAG September 09, 2003
a strange ferrety looking man who works at "Wiener Schnitzel"
That Stupid Pickleweasel forgot to give us our drinks
by nesquik2 March 12, 2009
horny lesbian
Awww! The pickle weasel is scamming on ur mom!
by disturbedchik September 15, 2003
an uncommon term meaning the act of sucking or licking the opposite sex's genetalia, more preferably a woman's nipple.
last night i pickleweaseled my girlfriend so much, she couldn't take it anymore.
by the pickleweaseler2 July 23, 2009
an Alaskan weasel who mainly consumes pickles
That pickleweasel ate all the god damn pickles!
by Sally Johnson Montana May 18, 2008
a rare weasel who is attracted to mountain pickles and maggie hoeltje.
the pickle weasel humped maggie's leg
The polite definition for a penis ferret.
That guy is such a pickleweasel.
by Bognar September 17, 2007
a strange girl that wears scarves and goosebumps shirts.
"why hello there, pickle weasel!"
by Kelly October 03, 2003

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