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To absolutely fuck someone's day up.
The robot aliens have just taken over Earth and they are sipping fine cognac and smoking cigars.

Will Smith comes in to the bar and says, "Hey freaky alien robots.. you can't just come down here and fuck Earth up. We got rules, you know."

The robot alien burst out in laughter and respond with some incomprehensible language that only Will Smith and other alien robots can understand...

And Will Smith retorts, "Aww no you di'nt... I will put a pickle in your pancake." and blasts them with a goo laser.

The aliens and Will Smith later become friends and bust out a rap together.
by Handstamp July 10, 2008
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Quite literally (British accent), a pickle in a pancake is most basically putting a pickle in one's pancake. No other gesture causes more disgrace...and bad breakfast.
Rafi to Evie: I will most certainly put my pickle in your pancake if my club sandwich doesn't come before your face.
by yoar mom's face July 04, 2008

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