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A pickinz is a group of images on the website justpick.it. The plural for pickinz is also pickinz. A portion, or subset, of a pickinz can also be referred to as a pickinz.

In addition to noun form, pickinz may also be used as a verb or adjective. Every tense of the verb form of pickinz is simply pickinz. Pickinz have no valid prefix or suffix other than the optional addition an unlimited number of z's to the end of the word pickinz. e.g. Pickinzzz

I just took the best damn pickinz in the world.

I love all my pickinz.


wrong: Last night I was pickinzing.
right: Last night I pickinz.

wrong: I didn't know your grandma had been pickinzed.
right: I didn't know your grandma pickinz.
by justpickit November 04, 2011