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Code talk for smoking weed, usually said to avoid attention from parents, teachers, etc. Also, a vase is a bong and getting an allergic reaction is getting super high.
Hugh: Hey Cain, are we still picking daisies at your crib Friday night?

Cain: Hell yeah, man, I'll have my vase and maybe we'll get allergic reactions.

Teacher: WTF???
by Carlos Muthafuckin' Santana October 31, 2010
to poop, usually in a group
orgin: deruff and ch'beal
melissa "where is club now?"
liza "they're picking daisies"

charlotte: "cat will you pick daisies with me"
cat: "but i just did"
charlotte: "i havn't picked all day and i really need to now, please"
cat: "fine"
by club x August 12, 2010
The act of cupping one's farts in his/her hands and releasing them throughout the air.
Looking at Mike over there picking daisies at his desk.
by JS61485 March 07, 2014
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