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"Person in black," i.e., a goth or goth-like person.
The pibs take over QE2 on Wednesdays.
by Geenius at Wrok February 29, 2004
25 17
Person In Black. Since "goth" isn't really "goth" anymore this term should be used as a polite term for "goth" people. (or any such person wearing head to toe black)
I know a couple pibs. They're not "goths". Just people who happen to like wearing black.
by OCMaria August 26, 2005
17 10
1) acronym for i'd pee in her butt

2) a way to express how hot a girl is
I would definately PIB that chick.
by LlamaOmbra January 30, 2009
13 7
Stands for Painful Itchy Butthole Syndrome. Hemorrhoids caused by ignoring the need for a re-wipe when experiencing MUBS.
Damn! These PIBS are so bad I can't even sit down.

Her PIBS were so bad her butthole looked like it was surrounded with tater tots!
by Dimlight65 November 15, 2007
5 2
Acronym: Pee In her Butt.
damn, look at that hot girl!
yeah, I'd pib her...
by Tony March 22, 2004
20 17
Stands for Persistent Itchy Butt Syndrome. It is caused by a mixture of sweat and shit, and is known to be very itchy.
It is hot out here and the pibs are killing me.

Hey I got a nasty case of pibs get me some toilet paper.
by PIBSScratch July 17, 2008
3 1
put in butt
We don't have sex, he likes to pib.
by 012 November 28, 2009
8 7