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n. pirated wi-fi
We moved into the new place, and we could totally get pi-fi in the kitchen.
Tom is a chump, he's paying Comcast even though he can get three bars of pi-fi.
#wi-fi #wireless #internet #piracy #computers #cleveland steamer
by johndoe898 September 04, 2008
(Rhymes with Hi-Fi) Stands for a "Pheremone Induced Flirting Incident"
Originated in Iowa City and Germantown, MD.
After having great sex with your man, (or woman), you go out and are getting random flirting from all over the place. You are sending out the "scent" or "signal" to everyone around you.
Sometimes the effect goes on for days...
"I was at the mall and got a major PiFi from the guy behind the counter." "I was in a meeting and the woman across from me was sending me PiFi's."
"I got a PiFi email from my boss today asking me to lunch"

#pheremones #flirting #come-ons #piefye #scent #sex #hitting #flirt #flirty #hitting on #pick up lines
by Scarlett1218 April 13, 2007
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