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The first Druid. Physalis(c) was born from the Terrigran tree in Rospero forest. A forest hidden deep within the soul of the Earth where Gaia resides. This was her first attempt at human life using a cat. He is attracted to his own gender.
Physalis Iroqouis(c) can be found in the chat/rpg Furcadia. He can also be found by e-mailing his creator; Dangers of Life on the America Online messanging client.
by Physalis November 06, 2005
A vacuole in a giant cell of certain malignant neoplasms, such as chondromas.
"It seems you have a neoplasmic Physalis membrane. It is effecting you in a cancerous way." WTF. I have no idea! This is just the dictionary meaning. See the real meaning somewhere below!
by Physalis November 06, 2005