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A vacuole in a giant cell of certain malignant neoplasms, such as chondromas.
"It seems you have a neoplasmic Physalis membrane. It is effecting you in a cancerous way." WTF. I have no idea! This is just the dictionary meaning. See the real meaning somewhere below!
by Physalis November 06, 2005
The first Druid. Physalis(c) was born from the Terrigran tree in Rospero forest. A forest hidden deep within the soul of the Earth where Gaia resides. This was her first attempt at human life using a cat. He is attracted to his own gender.
Physalis Iroqouis(c) can be found in the chat/rpg Furcadia. He can also be found by e-mailing his creator; Dangers of Life on the America Online messanging client.
by Physalis November 06, 2005
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