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(adj, verb) - Enblazend within thought of the realization of ones, or anothers own predicament; similiar to the acronym FUBAR except the connotation of Phubar is such that it's use is cannonical in nature revealing a pseudo-comical reflection; finding onesself deep within the particular confines of a given situation where there is no easy direction of thought as to ensue an easy outcome; revealing the limitations of thought upon a subject that is abstract in nature; the descrpition of the deep euphoria of modern psychedelic drugs
"John and I were pretty much Phubar while trying to find a way home from the party after we finished off the liquor we brought"
"My mind became phubar while thinking about quantum mechanics"
"After 2 doses, I was pretty much phubar"
by Andy Robbins "V" June 02, 2007
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