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A term used mainly on Facebook & Myspace by teenage girls who think that their profile pictures are so sweet that they want to let everyone know who took the picture.
Profile picture caption: "photocred; me"
by arrri123 February 19, 2009
A term used mainly on social networking sites to give credit to a photographer for a particularly good picture.
Comment on a Facebook picture: Photocred to John for that pic.
by Neres May 28, 2011
Something "photographers" comment on facebook pictures, indicating that they took the picture and that they are artistic and/or deep.
Adam: sick picture

Cole: thanks man

Rachel: photo cred!
by pizzazzzz December 11, 2010
There is a common misconception of the actual definition of photo cred. One does not simply receive photo cred for pressing a button to snap a cute pic. Photo cred is given when the photographer (whether they are professional or not) sets up a picture - in other words, when the photographer SEES the picture before it is taken. When photo cred is given, the photographer has done someone a service - a service the picture subject didn't ask for, but instead one that was given to them simply because they have a great friend who wants to take cool, "Facebook prof pic"-worthy picture of them. So don't expect to get photo cred when someone asks you to take a picture or when they set it up themselves - you as a photographer must see the picture yourself.
"Hey Susie! Stop in your tracks RIGHT THERE! The way that light is placed right behind you looks awesome. Let me take a sweet pic."



"Woah, that's a really cool pic of me!"

"Thanks Susie! Just make sure you give me photo cred when you make it your profile picture."
by sassygirl1991 October 03, 2013
a term used to claim ownership of either a joke, thought, saying, expression, etc. Its roots lay in the facebook and myspace picture realm.
5 seconds ago...

john: "and then her head fell off!"


tim: "and then her head fell off!"


john: "uhh..photocred to me for that joke.."
by G__G May 27, 2010
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