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a male hairstyle, popular among computer programmers and fantasy role-playing game enthusiasts, in which hair on the back of the head is held together by a hair tie, forming a small and pathetic pseudo-ponytail
Though head developer Jeff, who referred to himself as Zorgoth, wore his hair in a greasy little phonytail, he imagined it to be a glorious lion's mane that required taming in the workplace.
by elliott February 04, 2005
A woman's ponytail that is entirely made up of weave or extensions.
Everyone can tell that's a phony-tail she's sporting. Yesterday she was damn near bald headed.
by DA GEMINI February 01, 2010
When a balding man, pretends to have enough hair to pull back into a pony tail.
That guy is practically bald but he's got the four strands on the back of his head pulled back into a phony tail.
by ctfishman December 24, 2009
The cheap-looking hairpiece a person (typically a woman, however men can use phonytails too) picks up at the drugstore and clips onto the back of their head, thus giving the appearance of a long, lustrous ponytail... that is just a few shades off of their hair color. Usually for those who lack the brains or money to get real hair extensions or stop ruining their hair.
Man, did you see that? Sherri's tryin' to work the phonytail... too bad shes a blonde and the only ones CVS had left were for brown hair.
by BeautyQueen21 July 04, 2011
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