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A quality phone tracing website.
Random: Have you seen
2bad : Yeah, I go to it all the time.
by Ben W October 19, 2007
A phony website that claims to trace any mobile phone using technology. However, all it does is show you an elaborate animation, followed by a RickRoll. In the past, it had shown Meatspin (the site with the spinning penis and anal sex), but had since been replaced with a RickRoll.
In 2008.....
Person 1: Hey Person 2, wanna find your enemy's cell phone? Go to
*Person 2 goes falls for it*

In 2013.....
Person 2: Hey Person 3, wanna find the cell phone that your dog buried in someone's yard? Go to
*Person 3 falls for it, but instead of gay porn, he finds a Rickroll*
Person 3: -_-
by sega31098 September 10, 2013
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