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The anguish experienced from truly horrendous customer service on the phone.
Every thirty seconds for 8 minutes a recording come on that repeated, "Your phone call is very important to us....", ultimately driving me into a fit of combustive phone rage.
by rebelyid April 19, 2005
The act of calling an a person with the intent of screaming or playing loud music into the receiver until he or she hangs up the phone.
"Man, John totally phoneraged Katie at the concert last night during the song about a cheating girlfriend."
by the kom November 17, 2007
getting angry at someone for using their cell phone in an inappropriate manner, such as texting in a movie theater while the movie is playing. Has escalated to murder at least once. used by Frosty Stillwell on his San Francisco 910am radio show, january 23, 2014.
I regretfully expect we will be seeing more incidents of phone rage in the future.
by Mercurywoodrose January 23, 2014
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