Urban form of flat, meaning flashy.
His bling is so phlat.
by Col. Dr. April 23, 2006
Top Definition
Used to describe a girl who is flat chested but still pretty
some guy: DAMN that chick could be a dude. She has no tits!

some other guy: she's fuckin hot man. shes PHLAT.
by bulls and trees December 07, 2006
1. something that is fun to you and very exicting to the people around but you just aren`t having the best time

2. some thingthat is not fun and is boring when it is suppost to be cool and fun

a. Sam this dance is so phlat i could have a better time watching my dog run around in circles.

b. This concert is so phlat.
by Lil C with an ' June 29, 2009
Something that has no meaning or importance in life.
Dude, get rid of that chainsaw! It's outta gas, and it's going to be phlat against those zombies!
by Zany Chimp March 21, 2009
Something exceptionally flat.
Dude, that 90 degree angle wall is so phlat!
by rilstix April 03, 2004
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