A harlot who disguises herself as an innocent girl in hopes to attract a wider variety of men. Usually a term used when a girl hides the fact that she sleeps around.

Word is derived from a combination of fishy, (something seeming unright) and phishing, (luring of unsuspecting victims, usually through false websites with malicious intent)
Jacob: Why didn't you warn me about Emma? She is totally not as innocent as she acts.

Sam: Sorry, I thought you knew. She's straight up phishy.
by Osicaria May 10, 2012
Top Definition
Suspicious due to a high likelihood of being part of a phishing scam. Most applicable to emails, IMs or messages on social networking sites.
This email that claims to be from PayPal seems awfully phishy... seeing as they want my username, password, credit card information and first born child.
by psdpro December 09, 2009
Phishy: the smell of your pussy after you've been trout fishing in the oppressive heat.
It was gross...my friends vaginal exuded such a phishy odor after we'd been palomino trout fishing, I could smell it upstream.
by Amawee May 13, 2016
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