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A girl who is very cute with a nice cute ass too.Only to be an 8/10, but nonetheless cute.A very fun girl who is always apathetic. ALWAYS easy to get in bed.She can always be a pleasant person to be around.Her head always seems to stay on top, but actually its constantly crashing. Super picky and has no sense of direction at all. She is in love with the mexicans outside of home depot
Fun fact: Phiphi likes to finger molest cheese
She has no swag at all and loves people with the name ''vincent''.
She deliberately tries to troll people because she loves to be a little bitch.HER SKIN IS SO SOFT. When she actually hugs, its nice. She likes to watch the rain, but loves to dance around in it. HER SKIN IS SO SOFT THOUGH. so soft.A phiphi is quite common to be found in many places such as: vietnam. A phiphi in her natural habitat, loves to do stupid shit. She will look at her reflection for many hours just to try to not appear obnoxious to herself. That's right mate, phiphs' always seem to have odd things that go together to make something look 'okay'.By okay, i mean not average, but a little below it. They often love to eat cheesecake and squid. While this creature is very cute, it is also not very bright. They are often very calm and tend to keep their voices to a minimal to not be eaten by the stronger animals in the kingdom. A phiphi is a very weak creature in the kingdom and tends to act malicious only to the psychological sense. Her hugs are very nice and can lure in beasts.
Vincent: You're so cute!
PhiPhi: Fk you very much!
by SomethingInMyPantsIsObscene. August 28, 2011
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a term use for backstabbers or not original
Also known to be not a true person.
That is just like a phiphi
Why do they think she's badass when she's fake?
by xxx77 February 14, 2008
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A dumb girl who haunts your dreams. it’ll always be a god forsaken lucid dream with a rabbit there. even if you feel like the coolest mother fucker on the planet, this fucking girl will run by and ruin your shit. Eventually you’ll feel like you’re going crazy because this shit is never enough. You can't go against it and you don’t want to accept it. This piece of fabulous shit girl is so damn vulnerably haunting. Your eeriness is terrifyingly irresistible. THAT DELICIOUS SOFT SKIN THOUGH lolololyumyumyum. This seemed like it needed an update. I’ve been turning the pages, feeling the vibes, but I still feel like I'm running through mazes, I’ve been feeling courageous. .everybody has their phases.

You can never seem to out run this abysmal dream. My mind is going crazy and this shit is never enough. I tried some others but damn they’re just not as good as you. Going crazy cause I only feel this good with you. I love it when you’re fresh. I love it when I take your top off and we share the same breath. It was just you and me doing me good, that’s what I thought at first. Rabbit babbydoll I love you but now I gotta go cause in the end of this, what happens, well you already know. Me and you together swear to god thought I saw that work. Away from you though, it’s just so hard to work. My heart is hard at work.

‘BUT EVERTYHING HE GAVE HER WAS FOR NAUGHT ’ oh no I can't fade that shit I gotta let you go-
The next day, the next daaaaaay I see you always over here. Beautiful, pretty eyes with luxurious hair in a nice dresss. what a success, thinking if her breast were a test she would fail. Type of ass that make a dudes train of thoughts derail. As we converse, I can tell she’s feeling my style, get the her wet that’s the mission, feeling on her curves, only lips I'm thinking about kissing is hers, I can barely fight the urge. The only thing that matters right now is these two verbs, I’m talking bout me and you. So fine I think I’d start seeing you.

*waking up!?* -finally let you go. I thought I never could. Don’t get me wrong I love the times we shared, but it seems like everywhere I go I always know you’re there. then I try to run but my legs won't. I look away but my head don’t. myyyy other other head hohohoho

if I look back at it, I would do it all over again. Inb4crazywhiteladyyellingatmeJAJA

Vincent: *dreamworld* GOD DAMN IT ANOTHER DREAM OF THIS. I wish I could erase you, you’re everywhere I go. But you’re everywhere I long to be. And all these other people that don’t seem to understand. .dick with it. <3 you jesus tacos. Why is that a tag lol.

*wakes up* AND THE LORD SAID ONTO ABRAHAM: “bruh, don’t go for no lightskin girls mayne, those non-replying, demonic, soulless, thrist-tapping, curve-a-sarus rex ass bitches will curve you so hard you could’ve sworn they were part of the badass barrel(also a tag) race” Genesis 18:19

by SomethingInMyPantsIsObscene. December 01, 2015
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The correct nickname for the founder of the (now-defunct) original and the (now-defunct) original , Richard F. from Wantagh, New York. "Nose" is NOT an acceptable substitue. "Eggroll", as coined in a hungover haze by freshman roommate Mike E., is acceptable. (No relation to "Wonton", any person from Wantagh, NY.) "Acidhead", preferred by dorm-mate and founder of Manugistics Robert D., is extremely obsolete. "Freakoutsky" is just a ripoff from the "Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers" comics.
Phi-Phi! What possible use is there for ?
by Rich F from Wantagh January 08, 2008
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