1. person originally from Philadelphia
2. Philosopher
1. Sarah's originally a Philly but she moved last year.
2. She's such a philly (<- note:no capitalisation), its deep and all, but someone shut her up!
by Anonymous Philly January 10, 2006
Established in 1883, they are known as the biggest losers in MLB who own the title for most losses and for completing the WORST September collapse in 1964 when they had 6.5 lead with 12 games remaining. Their fans are known to be big pussies who enjoy fighting and orgies at their stadium, Shitizen's Bank Park. Being in the city of "brotherly love", players Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard are often seen holding hands in public, which makes Hole Camels very jealous. Currently, their manager is Charlie "Fat Boy" Manuel.
"Hey, the Phillies won their second World Series title."

by Phold of 64 December 27, 2008
A term used for someone who is Phillipino.
There are so many Phillies at the mall.
by m-dubya March 10, 2005

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