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very nice girl who is to be loved by all
by Anonymous August 02, 2003
A girl fancied by all Jonnies in the world, often referred to as P.boobs, or just "Phillipa". Amazing at saxophone, also enjoys nymphomancy with everyone except jonny. Attached to nick at the hip.
"Hey look - there's phillippa"
"man jonny needs to get over phillippa"
"I wish i could get myself one of those phillipas"
by Barry January 27, 2005
The most incrediable girl in the entire world. Is Pro at Violin, science, writing, drama, singing,and has a pet pterodactyl named Arthur. Will help anyone in need, and is the biggest loser i know.
".. that Phillippa girl is insane"
by Dr Who Fanatic December 30, 2009
Big bottomed waddling one
there goes a phillippa or look at that its a phillippa
by Helen December 02, 2003
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