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Where there are more murders than days in the year. Where the people are as friendly as a pack of jackals. Where cultural illiteracy meets a love of guns and scrapple. Philadelphia is a beautiful town of 1.5 million people who are dying to get out, literally. This gorgeous town is surrounded by suburbs full of people who love Philadelphia so much they pretend it is the best place on earth to out of towners and secretly, never, ever go downtown. Philadelphia is the birthplace of freedom - and the place that middle schools obligatorily send students too to learn about a much less violent past such as the revolutionary war. Philadelphia has a rich inventive history, for instance Electricity (Benjamin Franklin) and murdering 14 year old bicyclists (Phil from the southwest- go gangstah! GO!). Ah Philadelphia - smell the cordite, hate, and future depravity! Philadelphia, "America's Next Great City"* (out of order since 1776).
"Philadelphia, I love cheese steaks wit and double murder please"
"Rocky says we're great... what do you mean Rocky isn't real?"
"Recycling... who needs it"
"Welcome to Philadelphia, can I interest you in an order of being shot to death?"
"Philadelphia! America's Next Great City! Right after New York, Chicago, LA, San Franciso, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Oakland, Detroit, Houston, Oklahoma City, Lagos, Baghdad, Beijing, and Scotts base camp in the antarctic"
"Sauron visited Holmesburg and shat his pants"
by MayorStreet January 08, 2008
a social space in which nothing you want is actually available, where the only reasonable response is to ask for the opposite of what you want in order to get it.

Antonyms: a New York or Los Angeles, where whatever you want is always there
I am stuck in a Philadelphia. I wish I were in a New York.
by Riki Kiki Taco April 01, 2008
AKA "The City of Brothers in Love"
1. A dirty, bum ridden sesspool with all of the vile attitude of New York, but with none of the charm
2. Best place to find a cheesesteak
3. An area of the country where no one knows how to drive.
4. a cesspool

1. "I got a workout from walking through the streets of Philadelpia; the profuse scatter of bums sleeping on the sidewalks created an obstacle course for me to highstep."

3. "When you visit Philadelphia, find some sort of an alternate form of transportation. You never want to step foot in an automobile, for you might lose your life or, even worse, pick up the bad driving habbits."

4. "There are nice and decent people in the city of Philadelphia, but don't expect to encounter any of them."
by perlberg October 31, 2005
The home of numerous independent wrestling promotions including ECW, Ring of Honor and CZW.
Philadelphia is the home of two of the biggest indies in ECW and ROH.
by Mike October 12, 2005
Smegma. (From Philadelphia cream cheese.)
When she peeled him back the philadelphia turned her off big time.
by Billy Sty December 31, 2006
Despite the efforts of fatuous suburbanites that don't live within city limits, it is a fetid, powerful city that appeals to the most prurient of blue collar instincts.

The only things more pure than its inferiority complex to New York is its heroin and its hatred towards progress, common sense and education.

The city that boasts the largest population of people without college diplomas, the purest and cheapest smack on the East Coast, the most rabid sports fans, and, although it was once the cradle of democracy in the Americas, is best known for a damn good cheesesteak hoagie and Tasty Kakes.

It is best experienced while drunk, smoking wet, on pancakes and syrup, shooting Badlands pure smack, or getting a tounge-heavy rusty trombone from some working girl found under the El.
Philadelphia is about getting drunk, getting angry, and getting stoned. Go Birds!
Philadelphia is the city that hits you back, bitch.
by Cunningham Wigglesworth III October 06, 2005
I don't know if The Badland is exactly 'north philly' but it is fucked up there. Whenever i come to philly i take the blue line from downtown to the somerset stop and cross the stree on to Indiana. All around there to Broad & Alleghenyy and back i go looking for stampers and the best on the east coast they are.
Badlands, biggest open heroin market in the country.
by BAKED IN PHIXBURGH February 10, 2004