Nigger-lipped yardape indigenous to Barberton. See also moon cricket and Nigger McNiggerson. Subhuman intelligence, yet has opposable thumbs with which he signs other niggers to 50yr interest only loans.

That wasn't a leprechaun, that was phil data!
by ydfgt July 30, 2006
Top Definition
1. (n) of or pertaining to the sub-human class of yard ape characterized by a large frontal lobe, wide nose, and underdeveloped intelligence. Nominally human because of the opposable thumb that allows the phil data to sign other nigs to 50-yr interest only loans.

2. (v) to place balls on one's chin

3. (n) a mythical creature of Afriacan descent that lives in trees. Often seen as having a man's head and a dog's ass and is therefore known as a 'bitch-ass nigger'.

1. Dat loan offisuh jus' signeded me but I finks he phil data'd me.

2. Dude that chick looked all phil data when I gave her the roman helmet.

3. That wasn't no leprechaun in those trees, that was a phil data!

by g-g-g-unit13 July 27, 2006
1. Of or pertaining to the black race (see also nigger pickle).

2. Particularly black moon cricket indigenous to Barberton.

3. see also Nigger McNiggerson.

1. Dat ziggity boo phil data sho' uses a lot of niggawatts to cook his hot dogs.

2. phil data gets da bes' Nigger Chicken.

by g-g-g-unit12 July 27, 2006
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