a hard core stoner, who seems to find it impossible not to stand more than 3 inches away from you when in a conversation and is unable to play the bass when actuually connected to an amp.
Pheeleep: i hate john doe, its a crap name for a band.
person 1:you came up with it you turd.
person 2:go and get stoned you bloody brown nosed druggy.
pheeleep: come on dan lets go!
(pheeleep is hit with baseball bat round head)
by wouldnt you like to know June 22, 2004
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Talented beat maker. Also, one that buys onions but does not sell them.
Wow.. I didn't know you were a Pheeleep!
by Pheeleep January 09, 2005
A stupid, onion-selling, dyke-riding, frenchman who bums his sister Izzy
jj: "phillipe wassup?"
phil: "ca va?"
by JJ Jones March 30, 2004

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