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a gurl wit a fat ass, big ass tities, thick in all da right places
beyonce, trina, free.
by smoot21 November 08, 2004
a girl w/ a nice plump round ass and some nice thick thighs
by RIPsta October 30, 2003
Fine young thick chicks with big a ole' onion booty and sexy smile. Sometimes located in the yaoi section of a local bookstore or In Walmart at 3 am wearing cat ears. Occasionally they travel in packs of large numbers containing at least 1 other Phattygirl of a "morbid size" and a small group of young malnurished males whom are unsure about their sexuality and live off a diet of Happy Meals and their mothers Valium.

PhattyGirls love taking profile pictures for Facebook In which they are blowing a imaginary kiss to their favorite anime hero.
Man I was at the CosPlay convention last week, there was PhattyGirls all over. I'm taking one out to the Golden Coral before the ICP show.
by KapGun March 09, 2011