being wide ass-ed, wider than normal, big butt bone, wide hipped or anything Phatt.
Dave's VW jetta is Phatt
by vdubdoug July 29, 2003
Top Definition
Even cooler then cool.
That trax phatt.
by Tony_M March 06, 2003
pretty hot and tempting
didn't you see money talks
by Reecy April 18, 2004
Pretty Hungry All The Time. Used by younguns-teens-young adults, not as an insecurity cry, but as an expression of ones desire for food in order to grow.
"I like long romantic walks to the refrigerator, cos' I'm phatt."
by The cookie monster December 09, 2013
to have a wide, plumb, large behind
Tiffany's butt got phatt over the summer
by Simone November 01, 2003
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