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A lazy canadian male who is always hungry.
Marcy: Hey Jean, pass me the remote?
Jean: Noooo.
Marcy: Phatphace.
Jean: Hey, wanna order me some hawaiin pizza?
Marcy: Do it yourself, phatphace.
by Tidbit August 21, 2006
A derogatory term used by jealous onlookers to describe a man of modesty, charm, whit and intelligence. Such men tend to enjoy great success in personal endeavours and also attract female attention, which can cause envy and bitterness amongst their companions.
In an attempt to make themselves feel better, other men will brand this person a “Phat Phace” and attribute all of his success to luck.
"Look at that guy. All the girls seem to like him without him even trying. I wish I could be that effortlessly charming and intelligent whilst maintaining such a quiet unpretentious demeanour. What a phat phace."
by I_Gave_My_Love_a_Chicken December 12, 2006
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