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The feeling that you get, usually in the leg or butt, when you feel as though your cell phone is vibrating but it is actually not.

Usually accompanied with distinct loneliness or want of companionship.

Increasingly common when the cell phone is always in the same place (ie. back pocket, side pocket, front pocket etc.)
I was so excited because i thought that my friend had text messaged me. It was just a phantom vibrate...
by Donatello Mike Hilton April 02, 2006
Thinking that your phone is vibrating in your pants, but when you take it out and look, you realize you have simply been faked out.
Aw man, I thought I was getting a call, but then I realized it was just a phantom vibrate .
by Greg Monahan February 07, 2008
when you feel your phone vibrating but nobody called you.

the third setting to put your your phone's ringer on. it is not mentioned in phone manuals, nobody knows how to turn it on or off.
"felt the phone vibrating and reached to pick it up but it was just on phantom vibrate".

Loud, Vibrate, Phantom Vibrate.

I was waiting for her text, but she kept making my phone phantom vibrate.
by jakedoesnteat November 14, 2011
That feeling you get when you think your phone is ringing in your pocket. But it isn't.
I was hoping for her call but it was only a phantom vibrate
by myhumanrevolution June 02, 2015
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