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A person spontaneously and anonymously who defecates in public areas. The areas are chosen for the greatest visual and olfactory effect upon the observer, for example:

1. Water fountains
2. Public Pools and the Beach
3. Dressing Rooms.
4. Ex girlfriends mailbox.

Also see Poop Phantom
1. " Mommy I want a drink of...WHAAAAAAAAAAA...the phantom pooper...WHAAAAAAAAA! "

2. "Great day for a swim...what's that floating by your face? OMG! " The Phantom Pooper had struck again.

3. " Don't these pants look great...whats that smell?"

4. " Phantom pooper? Listen lady I don't care why your bill is late...just pay it.
by Global Feetus April 03, 2007
Unknown toilet assailant. Someone who renders a public toilet unusable by stuffing paper and often feces in the bowl. Also known as "spiking the guns."
What took you so long?
I had to go to the second floor bathroom. Somebody flooded the stall.
Curse you Phantom Pooper!
by amos anon November 15, 2008
A mysterious culprit responsible for a bowel movement with no wipe and no flush in a strange restroom
"the phantom pooper stuck in the shit spot"
by dueling lyricists October 09, 2014
When an individual gets so drunk that he/she shits in a place besides the toilet, but no one remembers who, why, or when.
becky: "hey, what's that smell?"
rachel: "i think the phantom pooper has returned..."
by orangutanlover804x September 08, 2011
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