n. (English) Collective noun for a group of noobs who run away and hide from the real men during melee combat, only to pick off the stragglers from behind once everyone is too exhausted to fight back
n. (Spanish) From "Los Phantos" (pron. "Whaaaaaantos") : Intended to mean "the ghosts", it originally referred to a mexican midget porno wrestling team in the 1960's. Nowadays typically refers to any group with limited hand-to-hand combat skills who may also write poorly spelled graffiti on the walls of bars or breweries.
Person A : WTF - did you see Phantos just now?
Person B : What a bunch of noobs
Person C : Yo momma
Hombre A : ¿dónde está whaaaaaaantos?
Hombre B : qué manojo de noobs
Hombre C : mamá de yo
by Hrothgar the Mad August 18, 2007
Top Definition
A "phanto" pronounced "fawn-toe" or "fon-toe", is another word to describe an uncircumsized itty. It's usually a term coined by some Native American Plains Indians, generally in the Dakota region.
Shut up before i cut the foreskin off your phanto and roll it around in the grass.
by kgsoloman5000 February 05, 2010
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