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The best word in the world, it is used to describe a group of mythical and fantasy creatures, or just top confuse people as most people have never heard it.
As he looked into the forest he saw all manner of Phantasmagoria.


instead of the insult your mum, ill screw ur phantasmagoria then walk off.
by Batduck April 06, 2008
1) A popular J-Rock band.
2) A word that discribes something 'super awesome' or 'uberly cool' when changed to phantasmagoric
1) Phantasmagoria is an awesome band.
2) Death Note is a phantasmagoric anime!!
by Kimi Pratttttttt May 13, 2008
A bizarre situation that is full of some really good bits, its really bad bits, some really sad bits and some seriously funny bits - all along the way.
What a phantasmagoria that relationship is proving to be
by The Mamma with the Quan November 14, 2007

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