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IRC troll
A gay homophobe with less hair on his balls than a rock.
phanatik wears underpants on his head
by Googleman January 26, 2004

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A qu33r faguar who raped my cats anus, after doing this he had sex with every can of coke in my fridge.

While I didn't mind this as I sold the porn to 100 of his other trolling faguar friends I found it quite hard to remove his penis afterwards.

But thankfully I had a dremel, but the distinction between pubic hair and penis was quite hard, in the end I just shoved a CCFL up his arse and a microwave on his head.

omfg liek hi 2 u asl wanna cyber in my mums pants omg leik noes omg liek why omg omg omg omg cybah my cat? ok ok ok hi hi hi hi hi wanna cybah my dog ok

by Ratta Tat Tat June 25, 2004