(n)A fatass asian, who think's he's all tank but the only thing he's good at is maths
I hate the pham
by Knowing One AISAN October 15, 2010
Top Definition
common Vietnamese last name
Pham is super duper fun
by Trang Nguyen March 21, 2006
alternative word for
1. cute
2. cool
3. awesome
4. great
"omg instead of cool it shuld just be 'pham'"
--"im pham"
"aww thats cute"
"nah nah its 'aww thats pham'"
by >kiki k< October 21, 2009
n. an all-powerful being raised to cause havoc and destruction from the past and into the future who is always good at math and perfected cloning
All hail the Powerful and Benevolent Pham!
by mrnaskar1134 January 14, 2009
Mr ultra sexy vietnamese boyfriend. He is very well defined and tank, he is also very knowledgeable in the bedroom
Oh my god my boyfriend is a pham
by DERPSPSPD October 23, 2010
Refers to an article of clothing that is entirely too small for the individual wearing it; i.e. A "pham shirt" or "pham pants". 'Pham' derives from 'fam', as in 'family', referring to the fact that the article of clothing belongs to a younger or smaller family member.
"Wow, look at Luke's pham shirt! He's probably trying to show off his biceps for Janie, what an arse."

"Dude, nice pham khakis. God, they come halfway up your shins!"
by xCyn1cal November 21, 2013
A person who is described as a "pham" is known to have a penis smaller than a sub-atomic atom.
You've got a pham!
by Jack Nguyen April 30, 2013
Trash Juice. not just any trash juice though. nasty, nasty trash juice.
hey, that dude totally just got pham all over him when he tryed to throw that bag of nasty trash in that overfilled dumpster!
by stweezy May 01, 2011
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