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the display of faggot-like actions; acting gay, or in a gay manner.
He is setting a fine example of phaggotry.
by Mike Gamman December 03, 2006
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The Study of Faggots; to determine if one is a faggot.
With my knowledge of Phaggotry and judging on how that boy is acting he is certainly a faggot!
by Jose T January 02, 2008
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Acting in a gay and faggy manner; homosexual; display of idiotic and moronic actions
Boy #1 : Yo dawg. You look so fine. If we were the alphabet, I would put I and U together.

Boy #2 : Stfu you ho. You're resulting in such phaggotry, ever since you came back from Canadia
by Maria <3 April 26, 2008
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