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Pathogenic lifeform shaped somewhat lovingly, like a rocket enema.
Hey Mr. Smith, is that smear really 12,000 phages?
by Hobo Chang Ba! April 12, 2006
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a really awesome magic card, also known as Phage the Untouchable
Chris played Phage the Untouchable with a Mass Hysteria in play and won the game.
by ninjamasterbob May 30, 2005
Either the 1337 way of saying "Fag" or the second grade spelling of the wod "Fag". You decide.
"Rofl1 Pwnz tHat phage n00b1!"
by pwnz1! June 03, 2003
Idiotic individual.
Derived from fag.
Get away you phage!
by Hizzo February 26, 2003
One of homosexual prefrence, the 1337 verison of fag, what you are if you find humour in looking at this site.
The person who humped your dad was a man, making him a phage, he also created this website
by 31337 June 01, 2003

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