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fuck you
fuck you
by Anonymous July 04, 2003
a word thats pronounced like "fuck" or "fack" but looks cooler.
"phaq YOUU.... bitch cakes skank"
by LISA646 November 14, 2005
Highest ranking clan for previous three (3) Call of Duty suite of digital first person military strategy games. Founding members consisting of Michael, David, Cory and Kris.

Phonetic pronunciation fuh-que
Team A: Once again we have been defeated by the PHAQ clan, this sucks! They are too good for us.

Team PHAQ: Phaq beeaaatch!
by Beast E McGee June 05, 2010
the worlds best Call Of Duty 4 Clan

pronounced Fak-u
Who won the game?
...*in glum voice* phaQ
by Durel Glashen November 23, 2007

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