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Groping, fondling
He started petting her, running his hands all over her body.
by BasilGreen May 13, 2003
Phrase used in old-fashioned teen sex manuals for foreplay without intercourse.
They used to engage in heavy petting down at Lovers' Lane.
by Cornholio November 03, 2003
The lesser sexual activities - often everything - squeezing, kissing, etc. - except for putting the dick in the pussy.
They engage in heavy petting.
by The Puritan April 24, 2005
actually every kind of intercourse between a male and a female except sex
we're in the petting-phase for 2months. hope next week she lets me fuck her.
by strawberry_addict May 20, 2007
to stroke or pett ones genitals in a sexual manner, creating stimulation ones cock or pussy.
she petted me so hard i started to erect and jizzd all over her fucking body!
by The-Clasp September 24, 2003
manual stimulation of the genitals through the clothes by one's partner or drug ass sorority girl
I was pettin' this bitch and she was like, "OH! YEAH! GO BIG PAPA! GO!"
by Big Papa June 02, 2003