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A "scientist" who sells their soul to the oil companies to intentionally mislead the public into believing pseudo-science that ultimately benefits the petroleum corporations.
"Petrowhore and multi-millionaire Dr. John Doe sits on the board of Chevron and continues to promote misinformation regarding the cause and effects of global warming ..."
by Lisa G June 13, 2006
An arab-american woman who is sick of trying to find a normal arab guy to date/marry. She gets so sick of the losers here that she decides to give up and move to Saudi Arabia where she can marry a rich Prince and live happily ever after wearing a burka and spending her husbands petro dollars.
Hazem: "What happened to Fatma?"

Muneer: " Man she ain't nothin' but a petro whore, she moved to Saudi and married Abd El Kharoof!"
by hazemibnsadeq October 08, 2008
one who sells there body for petrol
"your mum cant afford petrol so she has to seel herself for it therefore she is a petrowhore
by Sam Harvey November 12, 2005
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