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(slang) noun: in Filipino (Tagalog), referring to a procrastinator or a person who habitually unwinds.
can also be used as an adjective.

verb: to procrastinate; to take a break from work or study; to unwind; relax.
noun/adjective: Petiks na naman si Juaning, pa-relax-relax lang, hindi inaasikaso trabaho n'ya.

- Juaning is being a petiks again now, he's just bumming around and not giving attention to his work.

verb: Kanina ka pa busy d'yan, pare, pumetiks ka muna, halika, mag-softdrinks muna tayo.

- You've been so busy, dude, do the petiks thing and let's have some drinks for a while.
by Petikz_prince December 19, 2010
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