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A nickname for Pete Wentz. It's also the name of Cartman's stuffed panda bear on South Park.
#1 - "peterpanda is vedy vedy smexy"
#2 - "peterpanda, are you coming to my teaparty with artemis clyde frog? polly prissypants will be there....
by schwangsarefunny August 10, 2006
A 'romance' story that ends with no romance, leaving the reader frustrated. Usually it entails the main character moving between different love interests and none are chosen before the story ends. A Peter Panda is named so because of the manga Peter Panda that was such.

Always avoid a Peter Panda if looking for Romance.
"Have you read that book I gave you?"


"Did you like it?"

"Nah. It was a total Peter Panda."
by PeterPandaHater November 06, 2011