Gammons "GMS" A unit of measure in particle physics that defines a sudden loss in matter without the anticipated generation of transformational energy. the single most unusual factor yet to be resolved for unification theorists.
"If we could harness the potential of the Gammons phenomena we could reduce great quantities of toxic waste to harmless and stable states without the anticipated release of unharnessed energy" Dr Altom Romig Sandia National Labs
by Rick Fermi February 19, 2005
Top Definition
An aging hasbeen with no credibility.
I saw that it was a Peter Gammons article, so I dismissed it.
by Dooley Womack January 08, 2005
A fall from grace where one falls from respectability to laughing stock at an alarmingly fast pace.
Wow, Mike pulled a real Peter Gammons after losing the election!
by Mattpat11 January 08, 2005
A red sox fan.

A person that believes David Ortiz is the most valuable player.
Ben Affleck is a bigger Peter Gammons than John Kerry, that was just for show. It didn't work.

That guy is such a Peter Gammons. Doesn't he know Vlad is the man?
by Tourists... April 07, 2005
Baseball analyst who speaks with the utmost objectivity and does not root for any team on his own. Being as he got his start writing for the local paper in the best baseball city in America it is no surprise he he has widely considered the best at what he does.
Peter Gammons will be a Hall of Fame inductee in 2005.
by Derek Jeter February 15, 2005
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