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a real sweet slavic pimp
petar my love!!!
by shitaz November 23, 2003
155 60
big penis
enough said
sex was great; he really had a petar! *giggles*
by nigggggggggggAHHHH March 08, 2009
95 25
In Spanish slang, to fill something , often in a sexual sense

Vamos a petar el estadio
We are going to fill up the stadium

¿Me vas a petar el culo, tío?
Will you fuck my ass, mate?
by fonsucu February 10, 2009
42 19
Object of obsession, normally resulting in endless hours spent AIMing and emailing.
What did you do last night?
I Petared all night.
by PetarsPet February 19, 2004
65 43
A damn sexy slovak that likes it up the ass. Also known to have extremely small penis. Sometimes related to zog
"damn, that is one sexy petar."
by slurp March 23, 2003
29 125